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A pocket pistol would be handy.
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Not to shoot the dog, but to fire a tasty pellet reward from the pistol's magazine, the INSTANT the dog behaves IN THE DIRECTION OF what you want it to do eventually,

The principle has been known to animal trainers and some parents for yonks.

It's called Skinnerian behaviour shaping, being first systemised by the famous B. F. Skinner.

The pistol, I hope, will provide the all-important instancy of the reward.

It does the same job as the sculptor's chisel.

Beats fumbling in a pocket or bag while the dog capers around. I think I'll buy one.

Tell me it's baked. Make my day.

rayfo, May 30 2001

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       Why is it more easy to carry a pistol full of dog food than a hand full of dog food???? In training dogs I have a little bag that attaches to my belt and that is where I keep the "scooby snacks". It's permanantly open so as to have easy access and instant reward for the dog.
Susen, May 30 2001

       So you do Cagney too huh Soterios? I always liked "Listen, see"
thumbwax, May 30 2001

       How about an automatic treat dispenser that attaches directly to the dog's collar that can be triggered by remote control?
Reverend D, May 31 2001

       Would it be available in a semi-automatic version? That way you could "lead" the dog with a continuous spray of goodies.
wrinklehead, Jun 29 2001

       I attended a session at the Tufts Animal Expo (for vets, dog trainers, etc.) in Oct. 2000 where a panelist, a consultant to the citronella-collar manufacturer ABS, mentioned that he had requested researchers at ABS try putting liver-scented spray in the canister as a reward instead of citronella as a punishment. It sounded half-serious at best. Haven't heard anything more about it since then.   

       People who use clickers to train would find the treat gun very useful if it also made a clicking sound at the moment it was fired. I'd rather have something more like an old bus-driver's coin carrying case than a gun, however.
magrak, Jun 10 2002

       Some people use a can of squeeze cheese the way you are proposing.
magrak, Jun 10 2002


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