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Domesticated Wallaby

Marsupial shopping cart
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why not ?

No frozen elongated pod peas jokes please.

skinflaps, Jul 18 2004


       With all the bouncing around your milk will be turned to butter by the time you get home. You might also consider having several animals - a small wallaby for your quick trip to the corner shop for milk and a red kangaroo for the weekly supermarket visit.
hazel, Jul 18 2004

       Ha !
skinflaps, Jul 18 2004

       Could you ride the kangaroo? Would like to think so but it may be hard on the crotch.
wagster, Jul 18 2004

       Apparently, there's a wallaby in the wild about twenty miles from me. As I live in the north east of England, this is somewhat unusual.
angel, Jul 18 2004

       There's a domesticated Wallaby at a pet and feed store in Spokane. Wanders around the store. Cute thing, it is.
bristolz, Jul 18 2004

       Oh dear. Poor marsupials always seem to bear the brunt.
araminty, Jul 18 2004


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