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Dog Doo MBA

The Roomba of Doom
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A small cylindrical robot that roams the streets sniffing for the characteristic scent of dog poo.

When it finds a fresh pile, a little arm plants a miniature Union flag in the centre.

pocmloc, Nov 21 2011


calum, Nov 21 2011

skinflaps, Nov 22 2011

       Why cylindrical?
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 22 2011

       Could use a different flag outside of the UK. Installing a small inkjet printer, and a low-resolution GPS, could allow the unit to be loaded with blank flags.
pocmloc, Nov 22 2011

       I thought it was going to plant an MBA grad certificate in it.
RayfordSteele, Nov 22 2011

       A warm, steaming bun, just for you. [+] (...if a robot comes along and sticks a flag in it I am definitely changing my recipe...)
Grogster, Nov 22 2011

       You mean it isn't already?
pocmloc, Nov 22 2011

       Would be much more useful than some degrees.
RayfordSteele, Nov 22 2011

       I have no degrees, and yet am somehow useful. How did this happen?
Alterother, Nov 23 2011

       //I have no degrees// Pfui! You have six degrees of separation, don't you?
mouseposture, Nov 23 2011

       Only from you.
Alterother, Nov 23 2011

       Heard today on NPR, that thanks to Facebook, that average number has decreased to 4.7.
RayfordSteele, Nov 23 2011

       Who has all the .7s?
pocmloc, Nov 25 2011

       In that case isn't the original 6 suspiciously precise?
pocmloc, Nov 25 2011

       // a miniature Union flag in the centre. //   

       Would not a french tricoleur be infinitely more appropriate ?
8th of 7, Nov 25 2011

       I always thought that the only thing that ought to be stuck in a fresh dog turd was a lolly stick.
gnomethang, Nov 26 2011

       I once saw a smoke-emitting tractor-like vehicle called "FIDO", which stood for something something "dog ordure", and was very excited at the idea of a vehicle powered by incineration of dog turds, but was later disillusioned to discover that it simply had a conventional diesel engine and was designed to clean up poo. This is one of the great sadnesses of my life.
nineteenthly, Nov 26 2011

       ha ha ha ha ha ha [RayfordSteele]
nomocrow, Nov 26 2011

       // dog puddles //   

       "Vin Ordinaire" ... ?
8th of 7, Nov 26 2011


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