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Dog Glider II: Fido's Revenge

Duh, this takes no skill on the part of the dog, they just run into the wind.
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It's a hanglider suspended with stiff styrofoam cables attached to a harness. The dog would figure out quite quickly that it can fly for short hops if it runs into the wind.

THIS needs to be done. I declare myself the Wright Brothers of canine flight.

Me get buns now.

( )*( )

Not those kind of buns!

doctorremulac3, Nov 16 2021


       Anybody ever attach a rubber dog bone to a kite and see what the dog does? That could get some fun airborn action for the pooch no?
doctorremulac3, Nov 16 2021

       Agree, this must be done, cause, the significance is high and the cost is low. Here is your first bun. If you want to start a project based on this, that evolves a bit like idea on HB, I invite you to Halfmakery.com to evolve the acting side of thinking ;)
Mindey, Nov 16 2021

       Simple enough to do, find somebody adventurous with an adventurous dog, give them the schetch of the idea... flying dog.   

       Perfect launch site? Beach with sand dunes. Wind, soft sand to cushion any falls. Go to any of the wind-surfer / hang glider beaches in my area, perfect location!   

       Wonder if you'd need a remote safety release. Hate to do anything that might hurt the pooch. It is flying after all.   

       Helmet and padded suit might be a good idea.
doctorremulac3, Nov 16 2021


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