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Direct cooling solar dish stirling helium bulb aircraft

I'm sure it might work!!
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1. Stirling engines work on temperature differences. The higher the difference, the more efficient the engine operates.

2. Solar dish stirling is very efficient.

3. Put solar dish stirling in a plastic bulb filled with helium (to reduce weight).

4. Place the bulbs on an aircraft fuselage.

5. A direct cooling system is embedded: when you fly, cold high altitude air is funneled trough a kind of jet and into a tube, attached to the cool stirling part. As you fly, the air through this tube is ferociously cooled.

6. Now the temperature difference is very high because at high altitude the atmosphere is very cold, making the stirling more efficient.

7. The result is shown in the pictures [see links].

8. The stirling dish can be made of a thin plastic inflatable, very light weight [see link].

9. For non-stop around the world flights, use a fuel cell with an on board electrolysis system; you use the water in this closed circuit to add to the cooling part of the stirling engine.

What do you think? Will it fly??

[PS: the difference with my high altitude solar dish stirling blimp is that this flies fast forward and thus you add a lot of cooling through the duct!!]

django, May 01 2006

The airplane http://i3.photobuck...l/stirlingplane.jpg
This is how the gorgeous airplane looks like. I want one!! [django, May 01 2006]

Direct air cooled system http://i3.photobuck...ingplanecooling.jpg
The illustration is not brilliant, but the simple idea is expressed in it. Be sure not to leak helium, seal it well!! [django, May 01 2006]

The NASA works with light weight materials http://www.grc.nasa...doc/inflatable.html
Inflatable deep-space dish for stirling [django, May 01 2006]

Airplanes are allowed to have strange forms http://www.diseno-a...s/Airbus_Beluga.jpg
The Airbus Beluga looks like... a beluga! Maybe for the direct cooled solar dish stirling helium bulb aircraft we must look at better aerodynamic configurations. But strange forms exist. [django, May 01 2006]


       For an HTA aircraft, you may have serious drag issues with those bulbs. But as a power source for a LTA craft, this might just work.
Freefall, May 01 2006


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