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Dog Jack

Save your back when grooming your pooch
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The fun begins when SWMBO summons me to awkwardly hold the mutt so that she can clip this leg or that paw. I dutifully bend into some uncomfortable position which mostly consists of holding the dog's belly to keep the critter from wriggling away or from (gasp) sitting down. Well, thinks me, I jack the car up to change a tire; why not jack the dog up to trim a paw? All I'd need is one of those miniature car jacks, a padded belly-shaped saddle and a hairy pooch! My duties would be confined to hoisting the critter into the saddle, then it's back to coffee and the newspaper, heh.
Steamboat, Aug 23 2007

get a larger version of the cat carrier http://www.prosound.../38_cat_carrier.jpg
[po, Aug 23 2007]

If your dog isn't a bulldog... http://www.hydra-te...-wjaccessories.html
this thing won't work. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 23 2007]

Combine with a Cat Stand for even greater flexibility! Cat_20Stand
Also includes Po's wonderful link. [jhomrighaus, Aug 23 2007]

Dog Jack http://www.nmpproducts.com/wbjan08.htm
Photo at bottom of page [Steamboat, Jan 29 2008]

Sheep shearing table http://www.dslivestock.biz/stands.html
One of these would hold the canine securely in place and it's elevated. [Sometimer, Jan 31 2008]

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       Most excellent idea, and there could be other variations for other pets.... a small, furry, rodent derrick, for guinea pig grooming - any takers? Meanwhile -throw Fido this croissant +
xenzag, Aug 23 2007

       //you'll find yourself jacked up on the side of the road with your shoes missing.//   

       Sounds like a typical Friday night to me.   

       Good idea! Holding the pooch while he's getting groomed is the worst part of the job.
Noexit, Aug 23 2007

       [po] that's horrid : ]   

       If you are helping him to lift his leg, be sure you stand to the side.
bungston, Aug 23 2007

       Scale down a hydraulic car lift and you could change his oil / clean his anal glands at the same time.
wagster, Aug 23 2007

       A motorcycle jack might work nicely for larger dogs.
ed, Aug 23 2007

       That cat carrier appears to have a left-handed thread.
Texticle, Aug 23 2007

       yes, and have plenty of restaints so that they are completly helpless.
cornpad, Jan 06 2008

       Update: I baked it! Turns out it works best as a forearm fulcrum so I can hold the wiggler with my hand. Still useful as it removes strain from my back which was the goal so I'm deeming it a success.
Steamboat, Jan 29 2008

       Simpler solution. Just rub the dog vigorously back and forth on a nylon carpet, then stick him to the wall at a convenient height.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 29 2008

       A sheep shearing table (link) would do the job quite nicely. Just put its neck against the 'C' bracket and attach the chain to the other side behind its neck. My Ag teacher in high school used one of these back in my younger years to shear the sheep for livestock shows.
Sometimer, Jan 31 2008

       //hold the mutt so that she can clip this leg or that paw.//   

       You know, your dog will eventually run out of leg.
nomocrow, Jan 31 2008

       Maybe some sort of leg-strap harness that raises the dog up in the air would be more comfortable than a jack under his belly.
Jscotty, Feb 01 2008

       This is now Baked by use of a combination of a hydraulic motorcycle jack and a large furry cushion. The canine test subjects indicated their satisfaction with the arrangement by (a) continuing to chew vigorously on a baked pig's ear, and (b) falling asleep.
8th of 7, Jun 30 2010


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