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dog phone

People walk their pets while watching their smartphone. Not fair. What about the dogs?
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The dog is walking you. You are not looking where the two of you are going, nor are you interested in anything happening around you. You are emersed in your phone. Not fair for the dog.

So here comes the dog phone. A phone that interfaces with the dog through smells and sounds and even pictures. While walking you, the dog can be interested in its own version of virtual reality, ignoring the cats, birds and cars just like you would.

A cat phone finder could be used with this idea, when the dog phone gets lost.

pashute, Nov 11 2019

Cat phone finder [evilPenguin]'s idea [pashute, Nov 11 2019, last modified Dec 03 2019]


       //smells// how does that work?
pocmloc, Nov 11 2019

       "I say, I say, I say, my dog's got no phone !"   

       "How does he smell ?"   

       "By drawing air over chemosensors in his nose that transmit signals to the olfactory bulbs in his brain, which translate the signals for his higher cognitive centres".   


       "This is QI, what did you expect ?"
8th of 7, Nov 11 2019

       The form factor of this device would be unusual, to enable a "pee inputs, sniff outputs" model.
pertinax, Nov 14 2019


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