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Dog Stamp!

To put an end to all those stamping nightmares
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How about a machine a bit like a cross between a running machine and a photocopier where you feed documents in one end and they travel along the conveyor. On this converyor you have one or many dogs with interchangerable stamping boots so you can vary the stamps as required.

You could feed them through some tubes and stuff and you wouldn't need to stop them during busy times.

Perhaps you could even have a large speaker on the end playing very loud rock music, I certainly would walk down and watch that over lunch.

Vel, Apr 21 2007


       Stamping nightmares?
DrCurry, Apr 22 2007

       name the dog Frank.
po, Apr 22 2007

       I did mean to return to apologise!
po, Apr 22 2007

       I like this. It has a wonderful built in random function. Some doguments get Franked, and others don't; some get Franked several times; all the Frankings are in random locations, and probably random orientations too with a bit of luck.   

       Things getting dog-eared and dribbled on, or even getting pooed on, is an added bone-us.   

       Definite Bun. And no apologies from me for anything.
Cosh i Pi, Apr 23 2007


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