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Gesture Transition Gloves

Think "Jazz hands" with extra Jazziness!
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A new corporate paradigm for effective synergy of communication and presenter-audience pathways.

Microsoft Powerpoint is a software tool that allows users to create slides for presentations. It has functionality for adding 'special' effects at slide transitions and animating bullet points. Some of these are the epitomy of 'dynamism': the tyre screeching sound effect, the 360 degree super-fast rotations.

It is true that it is, most often, not what you say, but how you say it that really counts. If only I could have the benefit of the amazing powerpoint effects during a normal conversation with my boss...

This new device opens the doors to charismatic information exchange! Beautifully crafted from finest materials, these bright white gloves fit, like all gloves should. Added to them is a small box on the back of the hand, with a small speaker and a some tiny buttons.

When the buttons are pressed, the box o' tricks makes random jingles and sound effects as well as having a mechanical motion effect that all adds up to wonderous gestures to fully emphasise the crucially important and professional point you are trying to make.

Jinbish, Nov 21 2005


       "that's a curious gesture you're using there, Miles!"   

       "Sir, I believe that the picture these figures paint is unequivocal. We're fucked"
theircompetitor, Nov 21 2005

       Oh come now, this is fantastic. Anything that adds to my already overly-expressive self expression works for me. +
Zuzu, Nov 21 2005

       /A new corporate paradigm for effective synergy of communication and presenter-audience pathways/   


       If you were to punch your boss with these little doodads on, would it make the celery snapping sound so fondly used in the movies?
Texticle, Nov 21 2005

       And if I wave my hands around realy fast, will they make the whooshing sound you get in action movies?
moomintroll, Nov 21 2005

       Sure, [Text, moomin] - with the right settings, when you do a punching movement they will make the Hong Kong Kung-Gu Thwack!... followed by the Bruce Lee "Whoooooa".   

       In fact - there could be scope on that front to do a conversation in the style of 'Jones' from Police Academy doing the poor lip-sync.
Jinbish, Nov 22 2005

       I'd be joining my thumbs together and waving my little fingers about jestering a large bird whilst the sound of Hitchcock's birds can be heard swirling above.+
skinflaps, Nov 22 2005

       I vaguely remember suggesting something like this, but only in a kung-fu sort of way. Can't seem to find my anno, though.
Trickytracks, Nov 22 2005

       Sorry sir, but my middle finger enhancement module doesnt seem to be functioning properly. Will a regular do?
IcarusByNight, Nov 22 2005

       Whenever someone at a presentation gives the "rolls eyes, let's get the speech over with look", look directly at them and gesture the infamous Stooges eye jab.   

       Doink ! Doink Doink!
nth, Nov 23 2005


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