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Dog Trousers

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These look like normal trousers, but on side of the right leg, just below the knee, there is dog sewn on. It is not a real dog of course, but it looks remarkably like one, with fur, legs and face etc. The construction of it is hollow so that you may move about freely in the park, with it attached to your leg - if you see someone approaching, quickly become very still, and it will appear as if you have a dog standing next to you. Add a leash, and stroke its little head now and again, and the ruse will be complete.

If you are approached, then you can explain to them that it is merely the latest fashion from France.

benfrost, Jul 05 2005

Pig Trousers http://www.pigtrousers.com/
the work of eehen. [calum, Jul 05 2005]

eehen http://www.halfbakery.com/user/eehen
eehen [calum, Jul 06 2005]

Baked...actually overbaked, just a little http://www.redhotch...age/images/flea.gif
Dog pants [normzone, Jul 06 2005]


       //side of the right leg,// A well-trained dog should always heel on the left side.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 05 2005

       Ah but this dog is French and therefore likely to be truculent, obstreperous and, yes, smelly. Perhaps the fake dog could be hollow so as to house a small dish of crushed garlic, to ensure the pong is authentic.
calum, Jul 05 2005

       'excuse me sir, is your dog urinating?'   

       ''oui, oui'
benfrost, Jul 05 2005

       And I suppose we can tell the dog is French from the little beret it is wearing and the striped shirt? And because it loves Jerry Lewis?
Let's not forget the unfiltered cigarette dangling from its lower lip.
Canuck, Jul 05 2005

       //'excuse me sir, is your dog urinating?' ''oui, oui' //   

       Cock the left leg up, so the dog appears to be urinating. A small hand pump squirts water onto your leg.
Ling, Jul 05 2005

       None of the inconvenience and expense of having a dog and all of the...er...looking like you have one sometimes to people in the middle distance. I'd buy one of these.   

       That doesn't make it a good idea, necessarily.
harderthanjesus, Jul 05 2005

       It needs to be just adjustable enough so that it can adopt a leg shagging position when required.
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 05 2005

       What country does the dog originate from, then? America?
Kozi4361, Jul 06 2005

       Depends on the dog's citizenship. Check it's passport.
harderthanjesus, Jul 06 2005

       yes shagging dogs attached to your trouser legs overall would be more interesting.
benfrost, Jul 06 2005

       I must say [calum] that in these days of lets-all-make-a-silly-website, it's nice to know that people can still come up with something quite different. And pretty scary too.
wagster, Jul 06 2005

       It's a great site and thoroughly in keeping with the halfbakery work of eehen (link).
calum, Jul 06 2005

       Baked...see link. A trifle overbaked, actually.
normzone, Jul 06 2005

       but none of flea's animals look like real animals.
benfrost, Jul 07 2005

       If it were attached to a catheter, you could pee wherever you want.
farble, Jul 08 2005

       I've got to be honest, pigtrousers.com is the work of a unique mind.
david_scothern, Jul 08 2005

       Flea's pants in that photo remind me of the rear window of a latino woman's car, all packed with stuffed animals.   

       I love this idea, [ben]. I think it would be amusing to watch someone wearing these trousers ride a bike.
Machiavelli, Jul 08 2005


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