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Dioramic Urine Heaven Pissing Pants

Displays a euphoric scene before your very eurethra.
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These pants open up at the fly to expose not only yourself, but also several layers of detailed scenic imagery. Once the button is opened, the fly unzipped and the pants folded down in preparation for urination, or arrest and prosecution for public lewdness, a scene similar to one found in a pop-up book is revealed.

Approaching the urinal, our hero opens his Dioramic Urine Heaven Pissing Pants to reveal a simple scene on several black fabric layers. A group of Interceptors and Tie Fighters stand out against the blackness of space between yourself and the large white target's 'thermal exhaust port'. "Let's blow this thing and go home!" is heard from the men's room followed by the splashing and tinkling of falling water, and the final inevitable flush of the Dark Side's destruction.

You couldn't help targeting a couple Interceptors along the way, but you wear those urine stains as a badge of honor.

rcarty, Jan 03 2011


       Yes, it is also.
rcarty, Jan 03 2011

       This is so bizarre and surreal that we will award it a bun in the hope that [rcarty] will expire in convulsions of undeserved self-congratulation, and the idea itself will subsequently be lost forever.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2011


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