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Dirty Pants Indicator

Some strip that you put inside your pants that shows how many hours you have worn it.
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This is especially for guys. We often confuse over which pants we had worn and which ones we had just washed. This strip is like a thermometer thing. You stick it inside your pants and as you wear it, somehow (maybe from bodily fluid uhh) it changes color. The more you wear it, the more it changes color, so you know how long you have worn it. When you wash it, it goes back to its original color. Wouldn't it be useful for those lazy bachelors who still care about smelling?
xkuntay, Jan 18 2009

The Wrong Trousers http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108598/
It's so last decade [mylodon, Jan 19 2009]


       might come in handy; I use the 'floor' organization system and after a few days the clothing doesn't smell... at least not at room temperature.
FlyingToaster, Jan 18 2009

       By 'pants' you mean 'trousers'? (Incidentally, what does 'trousers' mean in the US?)
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2009

       Sp: them
gnomethang, Jan 18 2009

       and why in both cases are they plural... does a one-legged person put on his "pant" or "trouser" ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 18 2009

       Yes at least for trouser, I suppose he could pant if it helps.   

       Is it just me or are there more bad-smell related ideas round here recently?
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 18 2009

       [MB] Trousers is valid in the US, but somewhat archaic. And yes, from this context, I'm pretty sure the outer piece of leg covering clothing is what is being considered.
MechE, Jan 18 2009

       //why in both cases are they plural// probably because pants/trousers derived from leggings, which were indeed worn in pairs. Much as scissors originated as a pair of implements designed to be clip-togetherable (as good cooks' scissors are to this day).
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2009

       [MB] I can understand pants but I just can't understand panties. Where is the second (beep)??
xkuntay, Jan 18 2009

       well, farts are kinda temporary. this idea was more for permanent filth, such as perspiration or body oil. just as my fav pair of underwears went from white to beige, this strip can do the same, only in a reversible manner, unlike my underwears.
xkuntay, Jan 19 2009

       don't you guys mean 'britches'?   

       "Hike up them britches, boy!"
mylodon, Jan 19 2009

       Interestingly, (or possibly not) "pantalon" in French is singular.
coprocephalous, Jan 19 2009

       Maybe this makes me a total pig but I need this. I have had embarassing situations were the pants look clean but I might have worn them too many times. Sometimes I will wear a nice pair of slacks or a suit for a couple of hours in one evening and then take them off after I get back home.. thus giving me the ability to wear them again for another short engagement. But if I see them hanging up in my closet, I will not be able to remember if they are clean enough to wear all day. Other adults are too polite to tell you that your clothes smell but a child in his infinite honesty said, "Mommy! Mr. Jscotty smells like he has a dead rat in his pocket!"
Jscotty, Jan 21 2009

       Would it kill you to put your dirty clothes in the hamper? Damn kids. /channeling my mother
Noexit, Jan 21 2009

       flatulent individuals beware maybe this strip is a measure of flammability wearing pants that are more likely to catch fire or burn faster could be dangerous
vfrackis, Mar 03 2009

       This is just a friendly reminder [xkuntay], that it has been nearly two years since you posted this idea and it may be time to change your pant(s) now :)
phundug, Nov 18 2010


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