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Dog Walking Shoe Laces

Very long shoe laces that can be used for a leash while walking your dog.
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I was walking 3 dogs yesterday, big dogs mind you, and my sneaker shoe laces came untied.

Well needless to say a quandry presented itself.

What to do with the bag o" poop I was holding, the three leashes, and my cup of coffee, whilst tieing my shoes.

Alas, Dog leash laces were bred.

Specially made stury-durdy laces, created from metal enhanced chords that are whittled down to fit the smallest of eye holes, and are also very long and flexable with a hooky thing on the end.

Firstly you would attach the hook to the collar, then you would thread the laces through your belt buckle holder and then down to your shoes, where you would lace 'em up like regular laces. Bow and all.

Now when your laces come undone, you can just bend over and tie 'em again without a worry at all.

You just have to be very careful at the park when the squirrles are out...if your dog chases squirrels that is...

blissmiss, Aug 18 2008


       Hiya blissy! Thought [FJ] was back for a minute.   

       My dog goes BANANAS for squirrels - he's big and bouncy and there's no way he's ever being tied to my feet. Not a chance. I'd like to see you walking your dogs with your feet though.
wagster, Aug 18 2008

       Stoopid [+] the cat would go pearshaped.
skinflaps, Aug 18 2008

       Funny, [wagster], I thought the same thing.
normzone, Aug 18 2008

       Ha! The harder the dog pulls, the closer your waist gets to your feet. Energetic dog = you waddle like a duck. Stand up to reel it in.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 22 2021


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