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One Two, Tie My Shoe

enumerate shoe lace holes
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Lacing up new shoes can be a complicated business, given the variety of lacing patterns available, (see link) and the sheer number of holes now present, especially on longer ankle type boots.

The idea is therefore to add clearly visible printed numbers or letters to the holes. This could then be supplemented with colour coded laces, resulting in the generation of simple number/letter/colour sequences that are easily followed.

xenzag, Apr 28 2019

Lacing Patterns https://imgur.com/r...selessTalents/59bXB
40 examples of lacing patterns [xenzag, Apr 28 2019]

More Lacing Patterns https://www.buzzfee...ys-to-tie-shoelaces
[xenzag, Apr 28 2019]


       Could be sponsored by Elizabeth Shue?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 28 2019


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