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Scout Boots

Good for hiking, too!
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Each heel is made up of two wedges. The wedge closest to the left foot can be swiveled out at a right angle and is a steel-edged aluminum alloy hatchet blade. Grasp the toe and chop firewood and branches for a lean-to shelter from an impending storm.

The metal wedge in the right boot heel rotates out 180 degrees to make a spade, perfect for digging a drainage trench to redirect storm runoff that threatens to drench your sleeping bag.

Lost in the wilderness without food? Rip-away panels on the boots’ toes and sides are made of starch-lined beef jerky – each marinated in a different spice combination. As you then lean back, picking your teeth with a pine needle, you can admire your snazzy Roman sandals.

Find yourself bored with fidgety keyboard-deprived fingers? These scout boots sport not one boot lace each but ten, one for each grommet pair. That way you can practice your knots – tie and flaunt twenty different knots – not bad.

FarmerJohn, Jun 28 2004


       Saves me eating my hat then.
skinflaps, Jun 28 2004

       Can you use the axe whilst wearing the boot, in the James Bond style?
If so, you could kick down a tree (or fight off bears and other angry forest folk)!
MikeOliver, Jun 28 2004

       À la Baden-Rambo-Powell.
FarmerJohn, Jun 28 2004

       Charlie Chaplin would have loved those boots.
po, Jun 28 2004

       If these have detachable waterproof inners to wear as you use the external boots, you're onto another winner, [FJ]. +   

       Oh, and can I have one of the gizmos to fillet fish, and another to take the stones out of horses' hooves? Just in case...
saker, Jun 28 2004

       Swiss army shoe...   

       Why is the knife called a swiss army knife?   

       Did the swiss army invent them? I wouldn't think that they would have that much use for a corkscrew unless they want a drunken army.
DesertFox, Jun 28 2004

       //I wouldn't think that they would have that much use for a corkscrew//   

       when napoleon's army was on a tear, he had tons of champagne shipped to the front to help with morale. "i drink champagne to celebrate when I win and to console myself when i lose." germans did the same with wine in WWII. the swiss, well, maybe glug comes in corked bottles too.   

       oh and a good idea too, these boots. don't wear them to the airport. (+)
xclamp, Jun 28 2004

       "And you have my (foot) axe."   

       "Well we don't want it after you had been chewing pieces off of it." +
sartep, Jun 28 2004

       It's ideas like this that are the reason for having to have out shoes x-rayed at the airport.
ben_krak, Jun 29 2004

       <Shameless plug> Ideal footwear for the end of any Utility Limbs.</SP>
oneoffdave, Jun 29 2004


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