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Dog window control panel

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My dog likes to hang out in my bedroom when I have the window open. I think she likes both the cool air and being able to hear what's happening outside. She's always sad when I tell her I'm going to leave soon and so I have to close the window. I would like to let her stay at home with the window open when I'm out, but what if it rains? What if she isn't enjoying the open window when I leave, but decides she wants to after I go out?

Assuming you already have a motorized window that can be signaled to open and close, I think this can be solved. Make a panel with two icons on it, one showing an open window and the other showing a closed window, and capacitive sensors behind them. Dogs can be taught to read, both icons and words, but (AFAIK) the current knowledge seems to show icons as being easier. Train the dog to lick these icons by smearing something tasty on them.

Then hook up the panel to the window motor unit such that when the dog licks or touches the "open window" icon, the window opens (to a dynamically controlled degree of openness appropriate to the weather outside, preferably), and when the dog licks or touches the "close window" icon, the window closes. Soon the dog should learn which icon causes which action when touched, and should choose to lick the appropriate one even without bait on them.

N/A [2019-03-26 or a day or two earlier]

notexactly, Mar 31 2019


       I was hoping this was for a car so the dog could open the window and stick his head out. This is probably better though, the dog would never close the car window obviously.   

       I'll bun any idea that helps us lift dogs to their eventual status of talking, reasoning human animal brothers many thousands of years from now in their evolution.   

       It will happen, you heard if from me first.
doctorremulac3, Mar 31 2019


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