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Doggy Dater

Someone pays YOU to walk YOUR dog!
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Any New Yorker knows where all the single people hang-out ... the dog walk (a little bit of dirt with a fence and a supply of plastic bags). This would only fly in a town where people are desperate, monied, and manipulative, but basically people would pay you to let them walk your dog down to the dog walk and pick people up. Your dog gets the attention of other dogs and single people, and you sit at home and read.
jpcutler, Jan 21 2004


       I believe we did rent-a-pet (which is what this is) before. I also know people who have resorted to this.
DrCurry, Jan 21 2004

       I mis-read this as dodgy dater!
oneoffdave, Jan 21 2004

       "Hi, will you please date my dog while I go talk to that blonde?"
k_sra, Jan 22 2004

       Dag nabbit!
k_sra, Jan 22 2004

       No, but you are!
k_sra, Jan 22 2004

       So someone pays me to sit at home by myself while that person goes out and gets dates with my dog? If I’m going to be at home without a date, I would -- at the very least -- want my dog with me.
AO, Jan 22 2004

       <sheepishly returns [AO]'s dog>
k_sra, Jan 22 2004

       Well, Brutus is blonde. Dogs and owners, you know...
k_sra, Jan 22 2004

       Do I have to give you your money back, [k]?
AO, Jan 22 2004

       I should hope so! <snatches fiver out of [AO]'s hand>
k_sra, Jan 22 2004

       Not very sexy, though, given local fouling laws. "Is that dogshit in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"
lostdog, Jan 22 2004

       "Uh, somebody's lost their dog over here... Any takers?"
k_sra, Jan 23 2004

       OOh, I'll take 'im ... the chicks arround here seem dig collies ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 23 2004

       Sounds like someones desperate and is trying to find some way to get ladies that don't mind his dog fetish.
thekid420, Apr 28 2009

       "Oh, what a nice dog! How old is he?"
"Gee, I don't know. But, I have my Doggy Dater right here, let me check...
... The readout says he's 2 years old. That sounds about right."
phundug, Apr 28 2009


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