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Rental dogs

Walking a dog is a great way to meet new people, but owning a dog is a lot of responsibility
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The cafe that I hang out at is across the street from a park where many people walk their dogs, and it's clear that dogs are a great conversation starter. If two people have dogs, the dogs will want to interact (hopefully in a friendly way), and even non-dog-owners will often want to pet other people's dogs, ask what breed they are, etc. I even know several married couples that were introduced by their dogs.

However, many people don't have the space or time to keep a dog. A well- located rental agency would provide a useful service to such people. Dogs could be rented by the hour, with premium prices charged for puppies, unusual breeds, and exotic animals (e.g. parrots, iguanas, ferrets, leash-trained cats). People who wanted the same dog each time could make reservations for a small additional fee.

This idea could also be a fundraiser for an animal shelter. In that case, the fee could be a "volunteer administration fee" and might even be tax deductable.

Magpie, Dec 04 2004

I think this has been done before in a couple different variations. DogShare
Susen had a "Loaner Dog". [blissmiss, Dec 05 2004]

Certainly been thought about before http://www.darkcodi.../ideas/dogrental.py
An idea for dog rentals [bristolz, Dec 05 2004]


       I hope that I never meet a man smarmy enought to rent a dog to pick up chicks, but I like that the proceeds would go to charity...
jennyusp, Dec 04 2004

       I was thinking this about two days ago: I was walking the dog belonging to a friend of a friend while she was on holiday and although I love dogs I am not around enough to have one full time. Resued dogs that might otherwise be put down would be the obvious candidates. Definitely a flakey pastry idea.
Belfry, Dec 04 2004

       You can rent guard dogs. Does that count?
bristolz, Dec 05 2004


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