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Doggy Detector 3000

finds dogs with a push of a button.
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Dog run away again? Can't find him? No problem!! Just attach the doggy detector 3000 to your dogs collar! When he runs away, push a button on the doggy detector 3000's remote. U will hear a beep from a mile away! The noise will lead you to your dog. Your dog will reduce the chances of getting stolen or hit by a car. I think this is a pretty good idea considering I'm only 12 years old. =)
Tori, Apr 07 2004


       //You will hear the beep froma mile away//
What do you want, a death dog?!?!?!

       And work on the sentence structure.
my-nep, Apr 07 2004

       Maybe she wants a deaf dog.
krelnik, Apr 07 2004


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