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Doggie Brake Lights

stop motion sensing brake lights for dogs
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Well it would only be used when we're on a walk, and it would only help me when I'm not looking down. But if the doggie decides to stop dead in the path without warning, I will and have fallen (whats' that expression? arse over cups?) Thank you for your time. d
dentworth, May 14 2009


       ...and reverse direction beep technology. (+)   

       My dog always does that to me. Maybe I should have a doggy horn and honk him each time he performs his emergency stop in front of me.
skegger, May 15 2009

       are you saying that you'd trip over the dog? that makes sense. perhaps an audible motion sensor.
po, May 15 2009

       <pedant> sp. Brake Lights ("Break Lights" is confusing, and means something entirely different.) </pedant>
csea, May 15 2009

       Well in this case "brake" and "break" are not so different. It's apparent to this fellow dog walker that the poor pooch is just signaling for a break. So putting on the brakes is the only way to convey this message.   

       Maybe if you had planned breaks for puppy. Say every 10 feet or so. This way you should both have a swell time. Place treats and water along the path and a little doggy chair, and you should be good to go. (oh yeah, feel free to add human touches too like Freetos chips and dip for you.)
blissmiss, May 15 2009

       Doh! Maybe I should have read it as "Break Lites." (mumble, mumble.)
csea, May 15 2009

       Thanks [csea] and [bliss.], I did mean brake altho it can be both. He, being male, stops about every 10 steps anyway to tinkle, so I have been trained to shuffle on the first 15 minutes of our walk, and afterwards I shorten up on the lease and insist he walk with me. He is pretty short, a corgi.   

       Bacon Pasta: sp: 'heel'lights, heh!
dentworth, May 15 2009

       We got corgi...oh my. Drinks my coffee etc. etc. etc. The most devious dog I've ever seen. Cute though. Buggar!
blissmiss, May 15 2009


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