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Misty looks so cute and fluffy and would love to be petted and I would enjoy petting her but each time I pet her I should wash my hands. With DoGLove, I can pet my dog and not then have to wash my hands.

DoGLove is a glove that is perfectly designed on the outside to give Misty the ultimate pleasure of being petted by her loving family member and, on the inside, the ultimate furry feeling for Daddy. 'Feels better than Misty!'

Mustardface, Mar 01 2010

Grooming Glove http://www.petdisco...g-Gloves-p4415.html
To get ones with a fur-like velour lining look for Grooming Mitts. [jurist, Mar 01 2010]


       i thought that this was going to be some kind of birth control mechanism for those people who fear that they might get their dogs pregnant.
vfrackis, Mar 01 2010

       That's one of the most unpleasant thoughts I've heard in a long time.
wagster, Mar 01 2010

       Yes, the thought of such a hybrid is quite unsettling. Such contraceptive measures should be employed.
rcarty, Mar 01 2010

       I also read the title as 'Dog Love' then, after I'd read the first half of the opening sentence I stopped reading and, full to bursting with moral outrage, called the police. Sorry about that Mustardface. I'm sure that the magistrate will understand.
DrBob, Mar 02 2010

       //moral outrage// Is NAMDLA an official organisation?
zen_tom, Mar 02 2010

       I wouldn't bet against it.
DrBob, Mar 02 2010

       //The logical conclusion is a "Small Yappy Type Dog Helium Balloon Enclosure System". Hopefully the yaps then go ultrasonic.// [bigsleep], I don't have a yappy dog and I don't like torturing the dogs I have, but I must go home and give my dogs helium. A quick search reveals that this has already been done, but I have to try myself.   

       As for the idea (-), either wash your dog, wash your hands or stop being such a germaphobe.   

       PS the spell checker is questioning "germaphobe" and suggesting "hermaphrodite". WTF?
MisterQED, Mar 02 2010


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