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Domain Name Timeshares

Once a week, your site is taken over by advertisers
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For some reason, whenever a domain name of a popular site goes away, advertisers take over, temporarily gaining that site's traffic. In fact, a lot of visitors to a site are coming through links or whatever, too.

So, the advertiser timeshare. They can fill my page with ads every so often, even to the extent that content is prempted. However, they have to pay for it. The clear advantage to advertisers over the standard takeover techniques is that people keep coming. Search engines might not appreciate it, though. Oh well, they'll learn :P

Yeah, I hope nobody ever actually does this :/

aguydude, Dec 14 2008


       I would want the option of actually selling the space to specific advertisers, not the host doing it. For instance, as a herbalist with my deeply obscure cobwebsite that i hope no-one ever visits, i´d run a royal scam by selling it to competitors so they end up throwing their money away.
nineteenthly, Dec 14 2008


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