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Door Teeth

bottle opening device
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Jamming a bottle into the gap between the door and the frame, then using the leverage of the door to grip it, is a familiar action for those confronted by a frozen screw cap lid. The result is often a damaged door and frame, permanently scarred with a semi-circular indent. Door Teeth are a simple device that you install like a rebated hinge, that will grip the bottle without damaging either your door or frame. They could be embellished with a set of rubber lips that peel back to reveal the bared gripping teeth when the door is shut, separating their gaping jaws in permanent readiness every time the door is opened.
xenzag, Jan 20 2006

for half and the unhinged community http://www.hewi.com...e/baender/index.php
[po, Jan 20 2006]


       funny when you *know* you are going to love an idea from the very title alone.
po, Jan 20 2006

       (Tangent: what's a rebated hinge? I can't find anything that clearly indicates what it is and I'd never heard the term. I thought maybe it was "rabbeted", but there are enough internet references to "rebated" to make me think otherwise.)
half, Jan 20 2006

       probably is technically "rabbeted", but in my local vernacular, this was always called a rabbite, or a rebate....or even a rat-bite, if you prefer.
xenzag, Jan 20 2006

       "Rebate" is the term just about all the chippies I know use to describe such a recessed hinge.
coprocephalous, Jan 20 2006

       I see that it actually is just a synonym for "rabbeted". I thought there must be more to it. Don't know how I made it over 40 years without encountering that usage.   

       Okay, back to the idea now. We've all seen enough of my ignorance for one day.
half, Jan 20 2006

       I'm adding industrial strength nail clippers to the list of door hinge devices, for those extra thick toe nails. These would also encourage yogic-like contortions to manoeuvre your foot sideways into position, whilst pulling the door over. As you became more adept, the hinge-clipper could be progressively moved further up the door, until you were doing a handstand to get your foot into postition.
xenzag, Jan 21 2006

       this really appeals to me. along with the toe clippers, there could be a whole row of gadgets from top to bottom.
po, Jan 22 2006

       How about some rebated foam inserts at the level of a five-year-old's fingers? Would save many a hospital visit.
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       you actually can buy hinges that prevent that!
po, Jan 22 2006

       You could also fit this device on a ThighMaster.   

       Why you would do such a thing, however, I have no clue.
Cuit_au_Four, Jan 22 2006

       So you could get fit while opening bottles of course.
wagster, Jan 22 2006


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