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Telescoping Nestled Screw Driver

One screwdriver fits all size screws.
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A flathead screwdriver version of Max's heartbreaking nestled allen wrench idea. (Had already been done unfortunately.)

Turns out there's a socket wrench version as well.

There's also been a multiple pin version of the socket wrench suggested as a screw driver here but I don't think you'd have much strength.

This would be a continuous flat piece of steel which I think you'd need to get any use standing up to the torque you'd be dealing with.

Could be available in flathead or Phillips Head, potentially both in one.

Alternatively, a simplified flathead/Phillips version could just have the phillips bits spring loaded to push out of the way when encountering a flat head slot.

I'd be surprised if somebody hasn't already thought of this but just in case, here it is.

doctorremulac3, Dec 28 2017

Pin matrix version. only_20size_20matters
[doctorremulac3, Dec 28 2017]

This only for a screwdriver. https://www.telehex.ca
[doctorremulac3, Dec 28 2017]




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