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Stump Shaker

Come on and shake your stump like a stump shaker!
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Large, embedded objects like stumps or silos are tough to remove. Generally the removal is accompanied by the physical destruction of the object - stump cutters and jackhammers are examples of this. It is hard to remove such objects intact because by design or nature, they have large and extensive interfaces with the substrate.

The stump shaker is a diesel engine which creates a rumbling vibration. The frequency of the vibration can be adjusted, if desired. It is strapped securely to the object (example: a stump) then left to run. When it is out of gas it shuts off. By shaking the object steadily over a period of time, it is loosened, and can often be drawn out intact. This is especially useful for objects which might be reused, or when physical destruction would release dust or be otherwise harmful to the surroundings.

Stump shakers are available in different sizes, from chainsaw sized to the size of a large truck (for grain silos). The SS 2.0 beta version has a motion detector, with which users might be able to tune the frequency to match the resonant frequency of the item shook.

bungston, Jun 26 2006

The SS-20 https://missilethre...ss-20-saber-rsd-10/
Yeahhhh, that'll get yer stump out [lurch, Jun 27 2006, last modified Jun 14 2021]


       Please tell me this is for TREE stumps.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 26 2006

       I like it, but wonder if it would shake nearby houses, causing some "deconstruction".
trekbody, Jun 26 2006

       All I wanna do is a zoom zoom zoom, and a boom boom.
nihilo, Jun 26 2006

       this is something that i would love to try in my line of work-if someone made it i would demo it for a day
tatmkr, Jun 26 2006

       [Galbinus_Caeli] Stump shaker - Slang term for amputee break dancer?
normzone, Jun 26 2006

       Some geological survey trucks have thumpers that work kinda like this. All you need is a set of straps and a strong lifter.
baconbrain, Jun 27 2006

       What do the survey trucks use them for, [bacon]? Breaking up rocks? If so, why?
bungston, Jun 27 2006

       could call it the "Rattleshake" perhaps, especially appropriate when coiled around the offending stump and vibrating into action? A natural winner +
xenzag, Jun 27 2006

       I was so disappointed that this wasn't a device for assisting us unidexters in developing sharp moves on the dancefloor.
oneoffdave, Jun 27 2006

       //What do the survey trucks use them for, [bacon]? // Sorry, a little slow to answer. The trucks thump on the ground, sensor trucks pick up the echo of the thumping from undergound rock formations, and some poor bozo makes maps for oil companies. A writer of poor fiction had a bad guy steal a thumper truck and drive around California setting off earthquakes--so maybe that was breaking up rocks.
baconbrain, Jun 29 2006

       /A writer of poor fiction had a bad guy steal a thumper truck and drive around California setting off earthquakes--so maybe that was breaking up rocks./   

       Dan Brown? Or Micheal Crighton?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 29 2006

       I have my doubts as to the effectiveness of this device. Stumps have roots, which by their very nature tend to spread outward. No amount of vibration will enable this comparatively large root area to be drawn up and out of a comparatively small hole, intact.
Texticle, Jun 29 2006

       Prepare for a lot of infrasound complaints if you use this in a city.
notexactly, May 02 2019


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