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Double-Barreled Shot-fun Shells

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Although similar to my previous Shot-fun shell idea, these shells are designed to be used only in double barreled shotguns. Each shell contains a bottom weighted sheet of plastic with a powerful magnet at one corner and a parachute at the other. When fired, the magnets slap together, the sheets of plastic unfurl, and the parachutes open. The plastic sheets can come with a variety of messages, from the simple "Surprise!" to "Get off my property!" or "This is a robbery, everyone on the ground, now!"

Nothing gets your point across like a shotgun blast, except for a shotgun blast with your point across it.

notmarkflynn, Oct 21 2009


       <nemesis> *starts composing message for [notmarkflynn] to read as it approaches his face at high speed*   

       You will be late, [notmarkflynn].</nemesis>
dbmag9, Oct 22 2009


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