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Flaming Paint Balls

Next generation flame thrower
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Plastic balls filled with napalm, magnesium flakes, and a touch of white phosphorus to ignite the mixture. The balls are packaged in a cylinder that doubles as the magazine and shipping container. The cylinder is pressurized with FM-200 fire suppressant. The balls are fired just like paint balls in single fire mode it can be used as a mostly non-lethal weapon. Any one hit with one ball will immediately turn their attention to removing the flaming blob. In full auto mode it can be used like a traditional flame thrower.
duroncrush, Jan 21 2004


       I dunno. I don't think we'll be letting the kids use these at my son's next birthday party.
DrCurry, Jan 22 2004

       Why the fire suppressant? The balls shouldn't ignite until the burst anyway.
kbecker, Jan 22 2004

       one word:   

spacecadet, Jan 22 2004


       beacuse it's fire + guns...ooooooohhh fun
buddymatt, Jan 23 2004

       ... puts the "fun" in funerals. 'bone
thumbwax, Jan 23 2004

       //mostly non-lethal//   

       Well, that's comforting. Is that sort of like mostly not pregnant? Or partially still living?
k_sra, Jan 23 2004

       Ow! My eyeball! (Simpson's quote)
dobtabulous, Jan 23 2004

       Better still: Fill 'em with a solution of white phosphorous dissolved in carbon disulfide. Simpler and more reliable. There might be a slight delay before spontaneous ignition after impact, though. If so, the effects would be less spectacular than if it ignited right away, though. Hard telling. Haven't tested it (needless to say). ;-)
rasqual, Mar 15 2004

       [baked] -- they are called "Roman Candles".
zigness, Mar 15 2004

       Why not go all the way? Plutonium Paintballs!
whatastrangeperson, Oct 14 2004

       (sp: phosphorus)
bristolz, May 02 2005

       Napalm .. magnesium flakes .. and white phosphorus. You'd happily keep those in your house?
kuupuuluu, Jun 01 2005

       Ever have a paintball break in your barrel? I have. [-]
justaguy, Jun 01 2005

       a [+], 'cos it lets you accurately (more or less) shoot little fireballs. Make them 100% lethal and my brother will vote for them too...
maximus5, Jun 01 2005


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