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Double-Sided TV

Because they are all flat these days...
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Place the Double-Sided TV in the middle of the room. Put seats on both sides. Two completely different programs can be watched at the same time. For best results you may want each viewer to wear headphones that receive the audio from only one of the two programs playing.

As a computer-monitor version, imagine an office with a somewhat "deeper" than average desk. Put the monitor in the middle and a worker on each side. Two computers provide the inputs for the two separate screens, of course, and the desk area is big enough for a keyboard to be on it, on each side of the monitor. If the screen is big enough, the two workers might mostly be able to ignore each other, getting different work done --the monitor sort-of doubles as a mini-cubical wall.

Also if the screen is big enough, it can have a huge number of pixels, making it unnecessary for each worker to have two monitors, typical in many offices these days.

Vernon, Dec 11 2012

Dual view screens http://www.engadget...l-view-touchscreen/
[bs0u0155, Dec 11 2012]

Partners' Desk http://www.google.c...0CFMQ9QEwBA&dur=442
//somewhat "deeper" than average desk// [csea, Dec 12 2012]


       why not do it on the same side with dual view paralax screens? [link] Or double sided 4-way screens...
bs0u0155, Dec 11 2012

       If this device could be perfected, it would only take a little additional development work to make the two sides of the screen physically independent, adding enormously to the flexibility of the arrangement.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 11 2012

       Baked in the original Star Trek series, although with three sides rather than two.   

       Two sided screens are common in later screen Sci-Fi, such as Doctor Who, but they tend to be transparent, so the back shows a mirror image of the front.   

       // you'd need to adjust yourself, rather than your screen.// In Oceania, screen adjusts you!
spidermother, Dec 12 2012


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