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Double Projection Television

When one image just isn't good enough
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Ok HalfBakers- Feast on this delectable from the old noggin oven.

"What to watch?" is a question that has plagued man for, well, the better part of a century. Arguments have erupted, relationships ruined, fueds forged, all due to the rich diversity of television programming. Unless reruns of Ali G are on the tube or you're home alone, you're almost guaranteed to have differing opinions of "What to watch?"

With that being said- behold the Double Projection Television and watch in amazement as the aforementioned question ceases to exist. This television- projects an image on both sides. TA DAHH. Now you're all going to say, "But television companies have tackled this idea by the introduction of picture in picture technology." Now this is where the Double Projection Television seperates itself from its picture in picture predecessors. This television allows you listen to both programs at once and play simultaneous movies or video games, which is a big plus for all you gamers out there.

Just think of the M.C. Escher-ish setups you can have in your viewing rooms with this nifty gizmo.

Stay tuned, no pun intended, as the Triple Projection Television hits stores this fall.

JPG4500, Nov 08 2006


       It's just two televisions in the same box, isn't it?
angel, Nov 08 2006

       I was thinking about something similar yesterday, actually. If there were two screens projecting onto the same area, with differently polarised light, then each viewer could see different pictures if they wore polarised glasses. For more viewers, project more pictures polarised at different angles. Then again, if you were going to do this, you could just use glasses with screens on them.
nineteenthly, Nov 08 2006

       And how is this remotely "Escher-ish"?
jurist, Nov 08 2006

       [nineteenthly] apparently, that's the basic principle behind the latest batch of 3D TVs. A directional filter allows different images to be projected at each eye.
moomintroll, Nov 08 2006

       It would bug the living hell out of me to have to watch two shows at once, one I like and one I don't. You could also hook up two tv's.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 08 2006

       /It would bug the living hell out of me / - this is always how such evolutionary concepts begin. Those who are bugged the hell out of reduce in numbers until they can be found only in remote islands or inhospitable niches, like live sports events. Those who are stimulated by such novelty reproduce madly while watching two or more shows at once, and their descendants rule the earth.
bungston, Nov 08 2006

       Polite way of saying you would like to see me gone?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 09 2006

       But if you want to watch with someone, you need synchronised shows.   

       Perhaps a Romantic comedy on one channel for the wife, with moments of 'high drama' matched to the scary bits of a thriller.   

       Hey, a few years ago, my student house had just got cable. There were a few channels, presumably keyed up to display advert breaks automatically at the same time.
Some beer company had an ad campaign; there were two different ads in which Jack Dee (a comedian) walked around talking. In one through scenes of extreme peril (a racetrack with cars speeding past, construction of high buildings and so on.). And in the other, while penguins flew about in peculiar ways.
Anyway, one time we found the different forms of the advert were being played simultanously on different channels. We could flick back and forth : penguins, racetrack, penguins, carried on a girder by a crane. Up until that point, we hadn't realised that the two adverts used exactly the same bluescreened footage of Jack Dee.

       In any case, the point is that this would make it a lot easier to work. Use two TVs on different channels. Same actors, same soundtrack. On one side, "Jenny's fromage", how the owner of a cheese shop recovers from tragedy, on the other, "The cheese-eating zombies of death!"
Loris, Nov 09 2006

       Thirty years ago I had a television that displayed two signals simultaneously. It was the principal reason I got rid of the roof antenna and switched to cable at the time.
jurist, Nov 10 2006

       Oh I misread the title and thought it said 'double protection television' and was getting excited thinking I was going to read of a device allowing me to be doubly protected from my TV set, only to find alarmingly that somebody actually wanted to double the amount of television that could be watched at once! I have enough trouble escaping from the single projection TV set my housemates insist on watching loudly at odd times of the night and day. Please nobody double or triple the projection. Although on the plus side, this does mean that if two people are watching different things they will both have to wear headphones to only hear the sound from the relevant program right? = blissful silence for me :-)
cetacean, Nov 10 2006


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