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Configurable A/V Jack Signal Direction

Make Input an output if you need it and vice versa.
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This idea is basically to include an option in the TV (or other AV applicance)'s menu. You can set each set of jacks to the direction you need.

For example: If you need to plug in three DVD Players, you can simply set three sets of jacks (assuming the equipment has them) as inputs to receive the signals. If you needed audio/video out, set one set of jacks as an output.

Additional options could include the ability to set the TYPE of signal being accepted. (Composite vs. Component vs. digital audio, etc. - Requires compatible connector on back of set. Those three above use the same connector type and cable...)

wolstech, May 07 2008


       [Ian T] Can't really say. No SCART here in the USA. We mainly use: Composite (Yellow, red, and white wires) and Component (Red,Green and Blue Wires).   

       Others include S-Video and HDMI
wolstech, May 07 2008

       SCART is pretty shit, but it deals with most of these issues. It's a 21-pin connector with composite, s-video and audio in and out. It also has unidirectional component (out from players, in to displays) and signalling. The connector itself is a design disaster (French - like an '80s Renault) and the support for the various pins varies wildly from unit to unit, but what you gonna do...   

       HDMI may fix all this, or it may simply confuse matters. Guess what my money's on.
wagster, May 07 2008


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