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Double-bowl toilet

Hygienic and practical
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One for business, one for the business of washing hands, the double-bowl toilet allows one to wash ones hands prior to redressing and prior to exiting a cubicle.

One bowl as a built in hot-air dryer, but I'm not telling you which.

jonthegeologist, Apr 04 2006

Real Goods: Toilet Lid Sink http://www.realgood...m?dp=205&ts=6020334
Water is rerouted on its way into the bowl - just as Loris suggested. [jutta, Apr 04 2006]

Halfbakery: Combination Sink/Cistern Combination_20sink_2fcistern
Speaking of which, prison toilets have been mentioned here before. [jutta, Apr 04 2006, last modified Apr 05 2006]


       I'd redresh you if I had the chansh. :Hic: Redresh you all over the place.
notmarkflynn, Apr 04 2006

       noted : typo corrected.
jonthegeologist, Apr 04 2006

       Hallo hallo hallo. What's going on with you two in that cubicle then eh?
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 04 2006

       Well baked in many of our nation's finest incarceration institutions. Or so I hear.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 04 2006

       Does it reuse the water from one to flush the other? I propose that one bowl be higher than the other for this purpose.
Loris, Apr 04 2006

       good thinking [loris].
jonthegeologist, Apr 04 2006

       top link [jutta]. Couldn't work out what to google for!
jonthegeologist, Apr 04 2006

       [bigsleep] Lyndisfarne?
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 05 2006

       Now for the reuse of water, this makes sense... but other than that, I don't suppose it's that novel, eh? I mean, is it more efficient to have the whole thing cast as one piece of porcelain?   

       Heh though I suppose it might be amusing just to see people's reaction to what appears to be an over/under loo for two, as it were.
Agamemnon, Apr 05 2006

       Washing one's hands in something that looks like a toilet, in a place where people would expect to find a toilet, seems to me to be fraught with unhygienic peril.   

       [bigsleep], [G_C], [boysparks], what are all of you on about?
Texticle, Apr 06 2006


       You got it exactly right. My one word answer was a snarky aside about what crime all danes could be held accountable for. (Not that I truely feel that way, it was just a snark.)   

       As to why I personally have experience with what the inside of a jail cell looks like, I will readily admit that a spent a few hours on two separate occasions, in city jail cells many years ago. Nothing exciting or romantic, nor anything to be ashamed of. Youthful arrogance and foolishness, no person or property damaged.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 07 2006

       Lol! It would be a bit of a worry to have a hand washing bowl that close to the shitter. Its a good idea though, maybe the washer could be at arms length? I often think that after taking a dump that I really do not want to pull my pants up with out washing my hands first.
thepowerofone, May 10 2006


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