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Hot Tub Toilet

2-in-1 comfort and relaxation
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Sometimes nothing feels better than sitting in a hot tub whirlpool bath. Likewise I would have to argue that you can get just as much relaxing enjoyment while taking that extended trip to the restroom that makes you feel 10 lbs lighter afterwards.

Now you can do both at the same time. Go ahead and release all of that intestinal discomfort while soaking in a warm massaging bath. All of the waste is gently pumped from underneath the seat, separated and filtered so that the hot tub water remains clean.

Jscotty, Mar 28 2009


       You need to chew more thoroughly.
nineteenthly, Mar 28 2009

       don't expect female companionship
po, Mar 28 2009

       It's intended to be a personal experience. Not a group activity.
Jscotty, Mar 28 2009

       Might just eliminate the need for toilet paper. No more fights about which way the paper should go...etc. Hmmm...nahhhhh
blissmiss, Mar 28 2009

       Aw jeez, now I'm going to have this stuck in my head all day like a bad song with lyrics like;   

       -buh-buh-buh-bidet and the jets
-would it kill you to put the lid down?
-does the tub have a bench seat or just stools?
-rectum?...damn near boiled'm
-the bubbles are passive
-not concrete...excrete
-swabbing the poop deck
-you look flushed
-floatilla the hun
-runs like a top
-enema territory
-I'd like to vie a bowel Pat


       Thanks eh!
Frigg'n hoser now I can't turn it off.


       -craptains log...
-must turd with relish
-just relax...ative
-merde'r she rote
-slithery when wet





       Is it just me, or has the HB entered a gross-out phase? If so, bring back the "do everything with custard" phase, or great now it will be a gross out with custard phase.   

       Oh yeah, (-). Some things shouldn't be mixed.
MisterQED, Mar 28 2009

       dude that filter that filers the filth and makes it into clean water, yeah that one, the one that is a functional high rate of flow sewage treatment plant achieving a sanitary level of filtration. If I understand your use of the word "clean" correctly that would be a technology worth trillions of dollars, would save millions of lives and totally change the definition of "potable". It would have applications both domestic and industrial far more interesting than a bathshitter and it does not exist, or appear to be on the near horizon, technologically. Unless you have a font of hot water (like a hot spring that you used for sewage!!?!) this idea is either ludicrously wasteful or filthy.
WcW, Mar 29 2009

       I know that we think of mixing filth with drinkable water as a normal thing to do here in the "modern world".
WcW, Mar 29 2009

       Ever see what happens when someone sits on a pool or hot tub intake? JFGI.   

       I only regret that I have but one [-] to give to this idea.
cindik, Mar 29 2009

       //this idea is either ludicrously wasteful// Which indeed makes it half-baked, right?
Jscotty, Mar 29 2009

       You utter bathturd
james_what, Mar 30 2009

       should've read "shitting in a hot tub"?
xandram, Mar 30 2009

       //"shitting in a hot tub"//   

       Eying little turds with bath intent   

cindik, Mar 30 2009

       Custard enema, anyone?
nineteenthly, Mar 30 2009


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