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Toilet of the Future!
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How about a self declogging Toilet, The Shitzgone2000 if a blockage is detected,The chamber is sealed and the internal plunger comes into action. Comes in a choice of colours with heated seat optional extra. Release a fragrant spray every time it is flushed (this option can be disabled). Also equiped with Wi-fi USB and a small flatscreen on a fold out arm, ideal for an e-shit - (using a laptop whilst on the crapper) and listening to your favorite music. Internal 160GB HD, touch screen display. The flush cycle helps recharge the batteries by means of several small turbines placed within the system. The main unit is powered by solar panels. Update - now available with a voice activated toilet seat - simply say up to open and down to close. Pressure pads on the seat detect if the lid is not closed after 2 minutes and auto closes the lid.
S-note, Jun 19 2007

Accessories http://www.chessnin...computer-toilet.jpg
Includes leatherette. [skinflaps, Jun 19 2007]


       Now, turbines in the cisterns... that's good.
theleopard, Jun 19 2007

       How does the internal plunger work?
shapu, Jun 19 2007

       Good call, Lt.!
pertinax, Jun 20 2007

       S-note, please check your calendar carefully: 2000 is no longer in the future.
pertinax, Jun 20 2007

       Dude, if clogged toilets are a problem for you, maybe the solution you need is more fiber in your diet. (sorry, couldn't resist that one)   

       Kidding aside, should be easy enough to mount a garburator in the pipe below your toilet. But again, I find it easier to just double flush for 'big ones' (or should I say "big two's" this topic is too easy).
garyspare2, Jun 20 2007

       You need "Vapoorize."   

       Scenes from that movie (Envy) were exactly how I imagine a half-con.
theleopard, Jun 20 2007

       The internal plunger works thus,   

       The waste pipe is mounted with a 3-barrel cylinder (think a revolver), which are about a 30cm’s long. When the toilet is clogged the toilet is sealed at the waste pipe end and the “bowl” end. The 3 Barrels revolve until the 2nd barrel fits in the empty space. This barrel has an internal shape similar to a cone fitted with a vacuum pump. This clears any blockage in the waste pipe. Once complete the cylinder revolves again and the 3rd barrel slots in, this barrel is simply another waste pipe. The 1st barrel is then removed and placed in the “compacta- turd” compartment on the side of the toilet. The barrel is emptied and the contents go through a grinder, this waste is then feed back into the waste pipe. The barrel is then placed back on the stack ready for use.
S-note, Jun 20 2007

       Its called a 2000 model because my original design was the Shitzgone1000. Unfortunately the Fart Audio enhancement feature and the 3-D smellorama design proved to be unpopular. Hence the next –gen version the Shitzgone2000
S-note, Jun 20 2007

       But what about versions 1001-1999?
hippo, Jun 20 2007

       I'll be honest its just a number - previous versions inculded the Dump o' matic (the internal ass wipping mechanisim was considered "invasive"). The Flush n' Brush ( a toilet and toothbrush combination) and the barber chair comode (ideal for a long session in the barbers chair!). They were just too far ahead of their time...
S-note, Jun 20 2007

       can the dog still drink from the toilet?
abhorsen1983, Jun 22 2007

       Should have said that on the Toilet Disposer idea...
theleopard, Jun 22 2007

       I think a dog senser could be incorporated (optional extra) This would then be activated by once the dog is detected and would cause Toilet Lockdown mode. The toilet lid is closed preveting the dog from being able to drink from the "bowel" Also availabe - footpedal operated lid, ideal for those Stand up visits only!
S-note, Jun 22 2007


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