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Double-decker high chair

Make feeding your little ones that much more efficient!
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Everyone who has little children knows that feeding them can get quite messy and a lot of the food winds up on the floor. Oh sure, you can just pick it up and give it right back to them, but most of us wouldn't feel right about that. And yeah, you could always get a dog and let them do all the cleanup but then you'd have dog slobber all over the floor. Just trading one problem for another...

I propose a more hygienic solution. The double-decker high chair. This is for parents of more than one child. It's sort of like the bunk bed of high chairs. There are two seats and one child sits above the other one, allowing enough room in between for dangling legs. The idea is that any food thrown overboard by the upper child will make its way down to the lower child, thus cutting your food waste in half. Typically, you'd put the younger child on the bottom so that any food thrown down will be pre-chewed for them.

This would come standard in a set of two chairs, but is actually a modular system, so you could add as many chairs as you want, all stacked vertically.

Bon apetit!

ecadem, Jun 23 2006


       the younger child should be in the higher part as their scraps would be more suitable for the older child than vice versa.
po, Jun 23 2006

       This made me laugh, so bun.
phundug, Jun 23 2006

       Just make a place for a second tray to attach below the footrest. When the child is halfway through eating rotate the bottom tray to the top. Instant leftovers.
MoreCowbell, Jun 23 2006

       good for creating a pecking order... as their legs grow, they start being able to pound on the head of the one immediately below +
xenzag, Jun 24 2006


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