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celebrity babies

Children pre-adopted by the star of your choice
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Orphaned children are all very cute but they lack that certain pizzaz. Ok, they define your social conciousness and put you in good standing with the local high society, but once that has passed they become normal children.

What's needed is a little individuality and what could be better than being the proud parents of a movie star's baby? Become the talk of the local glitterati, enjoy pseudo celebrity status and all in the name of humanity.

Celebrities have pressing demands on their time, and while adoption might seem like a wonderful contribution to the well being of the world and a wholesome public relations exercise, it's an 18 year contract. What if this wonderful gesture could be made between shooting schedules and then continue to brighten the lives of some normal folk by giving them the special gift of life.

Each child would be parented by the celebrity couple for 3 months before being put up for adoption by a non-celebrity couple. The new parents would receive a certificate and a signed photo.

marklar, Jul 20 2006

Attempting to turn the Celebrity-Public interaction on its head... The_20Celebrity_27s_20Celebrity
Though bunned, my idea completely failed to muster even one measely anno <sniff>... [theleopard, May 17 2007]


       So you're reversing the way Angelina Jolie does things?
skinflaps, Jul 20 2006

       I was inspired by the news article of her selling a photo of her baby for charity.
marklar, Jul 20 2006

       Misread that as "a photo of her selling her baby for charity".
david_scothern, Jul 20 2006

       this is sick, but no more so than the current celebrity state of affairs, and it highlights it nicely. Nice work.
conskeptical, May 17 2007


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