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Growable Playground

The toy that grows with your child!
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This uses genetically modified plants to make various outdoor playground toys for you child. For example, an effective slide could be made using giant celery for the, er, slidey bit. Or a swing using string beans for the strings, and a sliced bamboo shoot for the seat.

By sowing the seeds when the child is born, the seedling playground should be ready when the child is about 1, and will then continue to grow with them. When they outgrow playgrounds (or start hanging around in them as teenagers), it can be chopped down to make a hearty soup.

Mostly vegetables should be used, to avoid the children from eating their own roundabout. Celery is a natural choice, as it tastes horrible, although the eventual 400 gallons of celery soup will get a bit tiresome.

Bedford Van, May 04 2001

Huge celery http://www.media-li...ery/huge-celery.jpg
Nothing to do with the growable playground [marklar, Jul 20 2006]


       but what are monkey bars?   

       and how do you get bright colours? maybe not plants but bizzare other kingdom of living things,a special playground sort ,with a phylum for each type of toy
technobadger, May 04 2001

       What a lovely idea! [+] Not sure if I'd be comfortable with eating 400 gallons of celery soup which is severely genetically modified and that my kid's been sliding and running on for 15 years. You still get a freshly grown, over-large GM croissant for the thought.
bookends, Jun 06 2005

       I've always dreamed of having a large celery; unfortunately the tax man tends to garnish your wages.
Adze, Jun 06 2005

       //unfortunately the tax man tends to garnish your wages// Dunno about you [adze] but the bugger always seems to garner mine.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 06 2005

       [adze] this reminds me of a joke/card, see link
marklar, Jul 20 2006

       //I've always dreamed of having a large celery//   

       Celery soup isn't the only option, if you had an equivalent sized jar of peanut butter to go with the gigantic celery I'd be there in a flash.
froglet, Jul 20 2006


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