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Double Enter

Quick-search keystroke search engine feature
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A search engine feature that sets the cursor on the first result automatically so that it is possible to hit the Enter key twice and go directly to the first site listed

(The Google "I'm feeling lucky" button does this but a short cut double-enter key stroke would be more convenient, especially for first time users or people who don't have alot of computer experience. This is a "front door" issue.)

JesusHChrist, Apr 12 2007

Keyboardr http://keyboardr.com
Press enter once for first result, arrow keys to choose result. [dranorter, Sep 25 2009]


       Doesn't Google's "I'm feeling lucky" button do just this? (but without having to press Enter)
phundug, Apr 12 2007

       What phundug said.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2007

       I don't want a website to have that much control over my OS. This just screams massive security holes.
5th Earth, Apr 12 2007

       This would be very easy to do, setting the focus to the anchor of the first result. It would also allow you to see the results and make sure you were lucky enough that the first result is right. Also, simple tabs can take you across the rest of the results.   

ironfroggy, Apr 13 2007

       I'm with FeFroggy. Wouldn't take over your OS, just use existing technology. Be better than "I'm feeling lucky" as he says, though I don't think it'll appeal to newbies, as they probably won't think of leaving the precious mouse alone.   

       Simple, logical tweak.   

TheLightsAreOnBut, Apr 13 2007

       The newbies might pick it up well enough, as they have to have their fingers on the keyboard in the first place to be typing the search query.   

       You know, this would be an insanely simple Greasemonkey script.
ironfroggy, Apr 14 2007

       This would be great for the <favorite browser> search bar, but unnecessary for google.com itself.   

       Also keyboardr.com is pretty close, give it a try. Typing searches, enter goes to the first result, arrow keys get further results.
dranorter, Sep 24 2009

       Google did for a while back then have a keyboard navigation feature, where you could use J and K to navigate down/up the results list and press enter to go. I think it did start with the pointer at the first result. Maybe somebody at Google read this idea and thought "I can do that a bit better!"
notexactly, Oct 01 2019


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