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Full On Heating Pad Helmet

Over the head, squishing right up against your stuffed up sinuses.
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I've a cold. I wrapped claire's heating pad around my head like a turban, and it felt really good. I could feel stuff loosening up.

I would like a full blown, hot, head helmet, made from a heating pad. I can't find this anywhere, and I'm actually surprised. I don't mind looking silly while my sinuses get all warmed up.

Not all night, just for a wonderful while.

blissmiss, Nov 22 2009

Head Warmer http://blog.modernm...an-keep-heads-warm/
Just find a electrical socket.(weird.) [skinflaps, Nov 22 2009]


       We'll just whisk you back to 1922 blissy.
skinflaps, Nov 22 2009

       Ohhh yeahhhh, skinny.
blissmiss, Nov 22 2009


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