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Double Pistol

An over-and-under
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Start with your typical pistol, say an alloy frame M1911. Now mold in a second pistol upside down but sharing the same grip. Make the grip-housed magazine a double-stack but with each stack feeding the other pistol, so two cavities, springs and followers. Gang the trigger of the top action to that of the bottom one, through the grip.

When the trigger is squeezed (squoze?) both mechanisms fire simultaneously, sending out twin projectiles. The barrels are angled slightly to meet at a particular distance such that the target, a felon with any luck, standing closer or further than that distance would receive two injuries.

Loading would involve decoupling the upper pistol/grip assembly from the mirror image unit below so that the thin magazines could be removed and replaced.

Pretty sure the annoying barrel flip we deal with today would be canceled out.

whatrock, Sep 04 2022

S333 Thunderstruck https://en.wikipedi.../S333_Thunderstruck
each pull of the trigger simultaneously fires two .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire cartridges [a1, Sep 04 2022]

Arsenal Firearms AF2011A1 https://en.wikipedi...l_Firearms_AF2011A1
A pair of M1911’s stuck side by side [a1, Sep 04 2022]

Glock 21C https://eu.glock.co.../pistols/g21-c-gen4
[a1, Sep 04 2022]


       Volley handguns exist, even if not in the exact configuration you describe.
a1, Sep 04 2022

       Yup, saw those.
whatrock, Sep 04 2022

       // saw those //   

       Both? You replied before I linked the AF2011A1.
a1, Sep 04 2022

       Time must be warped tonight.   

       Those, meaning your anno of the existence of volley handguns and your link to the Thunderstruck handgun.   

       I'd been studying the barrel flip reaction and how one might cancel it out. Still working on it.
whatrock, Sep 04 2022

       If barrel flip annoys you, try a ported barrel or a compensator. Linked my fave.
a1, Sep 04 2022

       "Say say what what again again mothafucka mothafucka! I double dare ya!"
21 Quest, Sep 04 2022

       I've never ganged a trigger. What's that like?
pertinax, Sep 04 2022

       // gang a trigger … ? //   

       To “gang” any number of switches is to rig them so activating one can also activate the rest at the same time. They may also be activated separately.
a1, Sep 04 2022

       Thank you.
pertinax, Sep 04 2022

       I was thinking of a gun with twin barrels spread widely apart in the peace sign, so your warning shot hits the ground or volleys over their head.
4and20, Sep 05 2022


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