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War Weapon2

Know the purpose of the gun
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Inspired by what I *thought* I'd find behind the idea 'War Weapon':

"The United Nations today condemned the attack by Gorteshians on civilian casualties. Photographic evidence of officials from the neo-zen-theocratic, democracy-by-latent-proxy Gorteshians, using what can only be identified as 'War Weapons' against their civilian political opponents, have shocked UN diplomats.

The 'War Weapons', clearly identifiable by their distinguishing features, were supplied to the fledgling government on the condition they be used only in defence of their new nation in times of war.

The Gorteshians will now have few public supporters in the veto action against them in the July summit. Riot police had been at the scene of protests for several days and reports of abuses were unclear, but when the War Weapons were seen in use the real stance of the Gorteshians was revealed once and for all."

not_only_but_also, Jun 28 2005

(?) War Weapons the First War_20Weapons
"just for when the military runs out of real weapons" AKA "Just shoot me." [baconbrain, Jun 28 2005]


       I'm sorry, whats the invention?
Germanicus, Jun 28 2005

       Yes, what is it?
bristolz, Jun 28 2005

       You should link up your inspirations. I can't find the original. Maybe this should have been an anno under it.
bungston, Jun 28 2005

       The idea, if I might paraphrase [not_only] is that there are a set of weapons (or rather a contract under which the weapons are sold), duly marked, that limit their legal usage to acts of defense only.   

       The weapons described in the idea text were sold as such, however, shock-horror, were used as part of an aggressive civil uprising/heavy handed government suppression, etc...   

       So we sell weapons to regimes without having to worry about them being used incorrectly, because it's already stipulated in the contract what legal usage entails.   

       "In case of war, break glass.
Improper usage of this weapon will result in a maximum fine of $10,000"
zen_tom, Jun 28 2005

       "Life will kill you." -- Warren Zevon
reensure, Jun 28 2005


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