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Single shot detachable faceplate.

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Usually when I find it necessary to detach the faceplate in my vehicle it is because the area is a high crime area. Popping the piece off and walking away with it in my hand it always occurs to me that I wish I could defend myself with it.

This faceplate has a 9mm barrel and round in encased inside. The round is fired electronically. In order to fire it though a pin must be pulled and a specific trigger button pressed.

Now you can walk with confidence when parking in da hood.

evilpenguin, May 12 2008


       I don't think a single shot anything would give me that much confidence, much less a 9mm. But a (+) anyway.   

       Probably better to fill it up with pepper spray, or build a stun gun into it.
normzone, May 12 2008

phoenix, May 13 2008

       faceplate seems a no-brainer for a sawed off 20 gauge shell... may need a steel bib too though.
FlyingToaster, May 13 2008

       It would just provide another reason to steal your radio.
bneal27, May 13 2008

       o... the faceplate for the radio, lol, i thought faceplate as in "suit of armor"... which I will pretend to continue thinking.
FlyingToaster, May 13 2008


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