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Double plunger

Unclog two toilets/sinks at once in the bathroom
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First you have the handle, which forks at the bottom end like a sprinkler key. Then, there are two bottom ends, whose distances apart are adjustable. On the top end there is a handle. On both bottom ends there is a rubber plunger bell. The two bells can fit inside two toilets or sinks at once. The only problem is that the stall partition between toilets will block the entry of the double plunger, but that can be solved by unscrewing the partition and taking it down. Then again, taking down a partition may be a bit extreme for most janitors and maintanance workers to do but if two adjacent toilets are clogged it would be worth the work. This plunger may also prove useful at home if both the toilet and the sink are clogged at the same time.
non-eatable, Aug 13 2002


       Would it be faster with a plunger-pogostick?
FarmerJohn, Aug 13 2002

       Yes! If two adjacent toilets are clogged, it's definitely worth the work! That irritating three-second walk from toilet to toilet, banished forever by a ten minute partition wall disassembly and reassembly job with spanners. Genius, absolute genius...
pmillerchip, Aug 13 2002

       Ah - a janitor speaks, but nobody listens...
PeterSilly, Aug 13 2002

       Then again, a World War 2 military aircraft carrier boat I visited had no partition walls between toilets at all. The lack of privacy must be irratating. Also, there are no partition walls between sinks or urinals for that matter so you dont need to dis-assemble a partition for two sinks or urinals. Ive never heard of a urinal getting clogged though. What if a urinal mint got lodged in the urinal drain? you probably wouldnt need a plunger for that. I have seen sinks and school water fountains clogged but its rare and the chances of two adjacent sinks or fountains getting clogged is very rare. Hey peter, Im not a janitor. I am nothing more than a student/musician who thought this idea would be funny. I will make an album called plungers and put a picture of the double plunger on it as well as others
non-eatable, Aug 13 2002

       [ne] - I didn't mean you!
PeterSilly, Aug 13 2002


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