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Fresh Bathroom

Automatic Toilet saves Smell, Noise, Water Usage and Water Damage
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You turn the light switch on in the bathroom, which also turns on the vent fan. BUT the vent fan is connected to a tube that runs into the top of the toilet basin - so the bad air is pulled out from the source instead of through the room first.

Secondly, a pressure sensitive switch on the seat turns on the water as soon as you sit. This is NOT a "flush", but a constant stream of water. This keeps the toilet fresh and clean - and eliminates most causes of blockage (due to kids putting too much T.P. in before flushing all at once.)

You don't flush at all - which is more quiet - as in places where a loud "FLUSH" can lead to embarrassment (i.e. the office), and save water too.

Thirdly a water level switch will : A. let water in if a little liquid was added (such as a "No.1" or a mop bucket pour out, to "flush" it down

and B. stop the DAMN water from over-filling if there is a blockage!

abcdefg, Jun 04 2001


       Don't understand how this conserves water if the water runs the whole time someone's sitting on it.
snarfyguy, Jun 04 2001

       I don't know about everyone else, but my toilet not-infrequently needs an actual flush. Simply replacing the liquid slowly, as this idea proposes, won't move all of the solid matter (or if it does, it'll take a lot more water than an all-at-once flush will).   

       But I like the vent-fan-connected-to-toilet-basin idea. In fact, it could suck air in through the same holes that the water comes out of during flushing.
wiml, Jun 06 2001

       The ventilated bowl idea is pretty baked for composting toilets, but I can't find any reference to its use on a standard bowl. The trickle-instead-of-flush is a no-no, though.
angel, Jun 07 2001

       each part baked individually. See Toilet Vent. Also, running toilet was invented by the Romans and would waste water.
-----, Nov 03 2004


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