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disposable bog brush

use it once and flush it away!
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I have always thought that a toilet brush is rather unsanitary for a device that is supposed to aid cleanliness. So why not create another piece of disposable land fill fodder and make a disposable toilet brush? My initial thoughts are for a brush handle with long lengths of toilet brush bristles inside, like the plastic thread in a garden strimmer. Once the offending toilet bowl has been cleaned the dirtly bristle could be cut off with an internal slicing device and flushed away. Then a twist of the handle could push a new set of bristles through some holes so the brush is ready to clean again. No more dirty toilet brush lurking next to your toilet. I, for one, would sit easier on my toilet!!
m_g_m_jones, Jan 13 2001


       Is a toilet called a "bog" somewhere out there?
egnor, Jan 13 2001

       Hey now, that wouldn't drip on the seat!
reensure, Jan 13 2001

       Good thinking mgm, but better still would be a frictionless toilet bowl that didn't need cleaning in the first place.
DrBob, Jan 13 2001

       Now, if someone coudl figure out how to coat the iside of a toilet bowl with that new frictionless polymer, we'ld be in business.
bear, Jan 14 2001

       Approach the problem from the other side, and the genetic-engineering solution becomes obvious. (The problem lies not in the toilets, but in ourselves).
Monkfish, Jan 14 2001

       So, monkfish, you're saying we should genetically engineer bristles onto our butts...?
PotatoStew, Jan 15 2001

       Why get as complicated and expensive as genetic engineering? Simply bolt on a cling-film dispenser (either to yourself or to the lavatory depending on your preference) and hey-presto! Defecation in easily handled packages. No mess, just flush.
Just as an aside, I'd like to add that I'm not proud of this idea. It just happened.
DrBob, Jan 18 2001

       hmpf - yep, I check the hankie too.
danrue, Jan 19 2001

       Dr. Bob: What you're essentially describing is a type of "Genie" for adults. (...genie's are little containers that parents use to dispose of dirty diapers: they simply drop the diaper in, twist the top, and out comes perfectly plastic-wrapped, odorless, "package"...)
iuvare, Jan 20 2001


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