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Double sided business cards

Businesses print on each others cards
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What about this; a populaur restaurant prints his name on one side and a taxi company, that'll pick up some guests from the restaurant on the otherside. Both party's would use the same card, the taxi company promotes itself and the restaurant and vice versa. My point being, if the restaurant gets more guests the taxi company will have more clients to drive, and more clients means more business cards to give away -> more people that read the card (both sides..) -> more promotion for your restaurant.

It works for alot of businesses that (direct or indirect) "depend" on each other. And the wasted blank backside will now be used!

enveekaa, Jul 22 2000

(?) Scott Kim: Inversions http://www.scottkim...versions/index.html
(See annotation.) [jutta, Jul 22 2000]

(?) Getcher CDR-business cards http://www.cdroutle...ard.htm/SID=9186245
Now totally rectangular, not the oddball 'segment of a CD' look they used to be, although you can get those too... [StarChaser, Jul 22 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Halfbakery Inversion http://www.stormpag...m/agharta/Main.html
Scroll down to bottom and click on "Halfbakery Inversion" link [Matty, Jul 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I think it's a very smart idea. It is easy to do and will certainly work to some level!   

       But some businesses do that already... :-)
Don, Jul 22 2000

       Nothing wasted about the blank back side...they make great notepaper to keep in your wallet.
StarChaser, Jul 22 2000

       Yeah.. i'm sure all businesses prefer that you'll be using it as note instead of getting easy cheap promotion..
enveekaa, Jul 22 2000

       I use them as notepaper in my wallet, too. If they were printed on both sides, I'd just throw them away.
Lemon, Jul 24 2000

       Maybe get Scott Kim to design the front side to accomodate both businesses' addresses (depending on which way you read it); then the back would still remain free for notes!
jutta, Jul 24 2000

       We live in the year 2k, need business cards for notes? Get a palmtop or something ;).   

       To lemon: well if you use business cards for notes *ONLY*, it doesn't matter.. you don't read them at all. The printed side doesn't reach you anyway :).
enveekaa, Jul 24 2000

       enveeka - when Palmtops fit in the credit card section of my wallet, I'll stop using business cards. I do glance at the printed side from time to time - especially when I'm running out of white space!
Lemon, Jul 24 2000

       Lemon - I get your point, and im sure you got mine :) We can discuss forever about the use of the blank side.. we pretty much have a different meaning about this <not attacking you> ;).
enveekaa, Jul 24 2000

       If the only thing you use them for is note paper in your wallet, why not just use regular paper? It's thinner, and therefore would make your wallet thinner (cutting down on any unsightly bulges on your posterior...)
PotatoStew, Nov 21 2000

       I guess it's for the same reason that people prefer to use business cards, rather than business bits of paper. And we'll have less criticism of my arse, if you don't mind.
Lemon, Nov 21 2000

       It's kind of a different thing though... you would want a business card to be more sturdy to present a more professional and businesslike image. There's no need for a professional image with note paper however. And if there is, I doubt it's acheived by making notes on other people's business cards.   

       And I didn't mean to offend you... I'm sure your rear is just fine...
PotatoStew, Nov 21 2000

       Hmm. A modification for this idea, for people who use the back of business cards for writing notes... why not print business cards that are blank on both sides? The only down side is nobody would know who you are or what you would do, but hey, every good idea has at least one glitch...
mboxwell, Apr 04 2001

       Blank-on-both-sides business cards would be easily bakeable, although it'd probably get you some silly looks.   

       Using regular paper doesn't work as well...the cards are stiff enough to be slipped into the pockets in wallets and stay out of the way, where you'd have to fold paper once or twice...
StarChaser, Apr 04 2001

       Further modification: card blank both sides, taxi side activated by lampost light, business side only activated by rubbing with lemon juice, fluorescent light, etc. If the reader goes to such efforts, at least you know you have a serious enquiry, and the wallet note option remains. This is the same principle as a digital format - with a Palmtop you have to enquire to find the address slot, that slot having spare space for note making etc.
thantox, Apr 05 2001

       You get these in China, where one side has all the stuff in Chinese and the other side has it all in English. This system is alright if you need the info in two languages, but if you want to be truly international you could have a fold-out business card in maybe six or seven languages which, using a bit of origami magic, could be changed to show whichever face-up side you need. Sure, they'd be thicker than normal cards, and you could always just get a bunch printed in all the languages you need...but it wouldn't be as cool. No way.
gizmo_man, Jul 11 2002

       [jutta] great idea and great link to Kim's work. I'm going to try that myself.
Matty, Jul 11 2002

       There - I tried it myself (see link).
Matty, Jul 11 2002

       We have these at work as there isn't enough room for all the information on one side in 14pt which is our standard type size as it's better for people with visual impairments. We also have stick on transparent labels that are embossed with the business card info in braille.
oneoffdave, Jan 16 2003

       This is a good idea but some things I would like to see on the other side of business cards is small games that can be played with stuff that you can find around the office, helpful hints such as creativity messages, leadership messages, other helpful hints, trivia, etc.
bkornele, Dec 19 2003


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