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Business Stamp

Trade-off of effectiveness
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Business cards look great on paper. Give someone your card and they will remember you, they will reference you and you will get exposure and reputation! Yeah! But, I have a box full of business cards and they are all utterly worthless with respect to these goals. What to do?

A buisness stamp contains all the information of a business card. The only difference is that it is a stamp and not a card. So, would you like my stamp? <stamps buisness information onto hand>. The idea is that someone is mostly interested in your card information for only a short period of time after you interact with them. If they need the information permanently, they will probably put your number in their address book.

So, with the business stamp, you maximize exposure because the person has the information stamped on their hand. This way, they will be more inclined to discuss your credentials with others as the stamp is automatically exposed. The stamp washes off in one or two showerings, but your exposure in that period will far outweight the exposure from a card all tucked away in someone's wallet for weeks on end.

Plus, getting a stamp is more fun than getting a card.

daseva, Oct 21 2006


       I already use one of these, which I had made up some time ago. I carry it along with a small pad of red ink everywhere I go.... so + for having the same idea.
xenzag, Oct 21 2006

       Typical [xenzax], quick to the easily executable idea. I admire this, afterall. How long you been using it?
daseva, Oct 21 2006

       about ten years - in fairness most folk elect for it to be stamped on a piece of card.
xenzag, Oct 21 2006

       I guess if you didn't want your hand stamped you could just carrry around a piece of paper for your business card stamps, right?
PollyNo9, Oct 22 2006

       Well, if my stamps become de rigeur, I will also offer fake hands sold in tandem for those of your tastes, [Polly].
daseva, Oct 22 2006

       Ahh, I see, squeezing every last cent, aren't you?
PollyNo9, Oct 25 2006

       Just as a heads up, Idi Amin would probably feel very silly handing out fake hands with his name inked on them. [+]
shapu, Oct 25 2006

       It would be hard to collect lots of people's business information--at a conference or something of that nature--without it becoming rather risque. :) Transcribing them could be interesting, too.
Twenty Dollar Duck, Oct 25 2006


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