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Clay tablet business card

Fairly severely retro card as a memorable gimmick
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A business offering relatively old-fashioned services or goods, for instance the "oldest profession" or my job, should offer equally old-fashioned business cards. Instead of printing the information on a piece of card, prepare a metal roller embossed with the relevant contact details, name and logo, then take a piece of clay, flatten and level it, then print a series of business "cards" on it. Then incise the edges with a pizza cutter, make a hole in the top left corners, snap them off, stick them on a tray and bake them. Biscuit fire them if you like. These can then be used as keyfobs and memorable business cards which will be constantly noticeable and available on a keyring.
nineteenthly, Aug 17 2010

(??) Cuneiform Cuneiform script
Not to be confused with Toblerone. [8th of 7, Aug 17 2010]

CV broke http://www.youtube....watch?v=b56eAUCTLok
It's at the very end [neelandan, Aug 18 2010]

profession-appropriate business card http://www.seanmich...nic_chemistry.shtml
for an o-chem tutor [ryokan, Aug 20 2010]


       in the shape of a foot   

       only kidding!
po, Aug 17 2010

       I have a friend who uses porcelain business cards. It's still a nice idea [nineteenthly] +
xenzag, Aug 17 2010

       Really? I like that. Also think there could be themed business card materials according to one's business, such as a wooden one for a carpenter.
nineteenthly, Aug 17 2010

       Thanks. Yes, i probably should've posted that as the main idea, and i particularly like your take on it.
nineteenthly, Aug 17 2010

       // "oldest profession" //   

       Information: The oldest known profession is in fact "flint knapper", which has caused quite a lot of confusion over the milennia.   

       What you mean is the "second oldest profession".   

       The writing on the clay slab could be in cuneiform , or a cuneiform-like script.   

8th of 7, Aug 17 2010

       I think the oldest profession is "flea and tick picker and eater"
Voice, Aug 17 2010

       Surely a 'profession' requires some monetary payment for services, or at least barter and negotiation. "flea and tick picker and eater" may be a hobby, pastime or even an occupation, but I'm sure it was never a profession.   

       I wonder; where did the flint nappers go to spend their hard earned wages after a hard week of napping flint? Even if there was no brothel handy, I suspect there was likely some accommodating villager eager to do whatever it might take to get her hands on his wealth. (Feel free to substitute "his hands on her wealth" if you're picky about gender inclusiveness.)
Tulaine, Aug 17 2010

       [8] Flint knapper may be the oldest profession to produce durable artifacts, but if prostitution's defined as sex in exchange for valuable considerations, you're going to have a hard time convincing me it postdates the Paleolithic.
mouseposture, Aug 18 2010

       The oldest profession is poo-flinger.
Definitely poo-flinger.

       The professional angle would be technique. I think it probably reflects a different approach to whether or not work and play are separate parts of life.   

       Flint-knapper indeed, i was thinking so myself, but that's what's survived. No-one knows everything else which went on. For all we know they all used fully biodegradable nanobots.
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2010

Spacecoyote, Aug 18 2010

       I thought midwifery was the oldest profession...
hippo, Aug 18 2010

       Which came first?
nineteenthly, Aug 18 2010

       [morrison_rm] //Elegant// my ass. Not so much an involute as a drunkard's walk.
mouseposture, Aug 19 2010

       There is the danger that they may break, rendering the info unreadable. <link>
neelandan, Aug 20 2010

       what's a male/female conversation?
po, Aug 20 2010

       a bit woolly!
po, Aug 20 2010

       Isn't the oldest profession "old-age pensioner"?
Loris, Aug 20 2010

       No, because pensioners are - by definition - retired.
8th of 7, Aug 20 2010

       The oldest profession is replicator.
nineteenthly, Aug 20 2010


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