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Double the fun

A very bouncy experience.
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A large trampoline attached to a supporting four legged framed structure,firmly affixed at ground level,with a identical trampoline structure firmly affixed at ceiling level.

The attached structure on the ceiling can be lowered and raised,the reason being that all 4 corners of the 2 trampolines themselves are hooked up to independent roped pulley systems.

8 people control the tension via the pulley systems from each corner,which is variable from slack to tight on both trampolines, depending how hard each person pulls the ropes .

Now have someone sit in the middle of the bottom trampoline,which is now slack,the brakes on the pulley system will prevent the trampoline from touching the ground and allowing to clear say 2 feet.

Attach a safety net upright around the entire structure. Starting from each corner at the bottom,the 4 people will start pulling on the ropes ( creating the effect of tossing someone or something on a blanket ) with the tension getting tighter bouncing the person in the middle higher and higher till they reach the top trampoline,where the other 4 people use the top rope pulley system to bounce the person back down again.

Once momentum gets going each of the 8 can coordinate various tensions bouncing the poor sod at different angles and up and down very fast.(crash helmet recommended)

This should be performed ideally in a warehouse or a similar building.

I didn't know which category to place this in,so I hope it doesn't get bounced outta town.

skinflaps, Nov 06 2002


       Fun! I'm front of the queue for this. Croissant.
Zircon, Nov 06 2002

       "It was only meant to be a bit of fun,...?"
skinflaps, Nov 06 2002

       Mark Occhilupo had his bone crushed? I had no idea. Was it all the weight he put on a few years ago?
thumbwax, Nov 06 2002

       Oh come on, people do stuff that's much more dangerous than this everyday; paragliding, skydiving, BASE jumping, kitelifting, betting on england winning the ashes, hey, and what about that thing where they roll you down the hill in a big ol'ball? I'm happy to be the auto-bunner on this one.
Zircon, Nov 07 2002

       Zircon, those sports don't propel you headfirst up into another trampoline before your direction is reversed by compressing your spine. Sounds like a good way to get shorter, to me.
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2002

       I find roast beef is the best exercise for the occipital bone. The horseradish is so FREAKING strong you have to pound yourself at the base of your skull until it goes away.
General Washington, Nov 07 2002

       Who said anything about head first?( roll up into a ball )
skinflaps, Nov 07 2002

       I think personal injury lawyers would have a field day with this...
kmlabs, Aug 01 2003

       When I was little there was a video arcade/batting cage place that had a room with a trampoline floor and trampoline walls and two basketball hoops. You wanna talk about dangerous.
thejini, Aug 01 2003


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