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Drawn Sans Quartered

Be nearly ripped apart by an adjustable force racking of your body. (a la braveheart)
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Recieve a full body workout in no time. Strap in to this amazing exercise machine and work your arms, legs and everything in between.

Also great for removing kinks in your back.

Laimak, Apr 01 2005

Hanged, drawn, quartered http://www.richard....rnet.co.uk/hdq.html
Women were burnt at the stake, "for the sake of decency"! [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 01 2005]


       I could use one of these first thing in the morning.
Detly, Apr 01 2005

       So this is just a rack?
ldischler, Apr 01 2005

       That's good. 'cause I can draw it...but I ain't cuttin it in four.   

       Some how I don't think you've understood [Laimak]. Racking wasn't fun at all. Especially when they used those spiky rabbit rollers under your back (please don't tell me you've included a rabbit to massage the back). You'll be advocating choke-pears for facial toning next.   

       Anyway the "drawing" part of hang, drawing and quartering doesn't refer to being drawn as in stretched on the rack, it means to draw as in extract. The torturees innards were drawn out of their stomach while they watched. Not good exercise, I fancy.
squeak, Apr 01 2005

       <resumes knitting>
po, Apr 01 2005

       (I bet he did scream, really)
squeak, Apr 01 2005

       //The torturees innards were drawn out of their stomach while they watched// I don't think that by this stage they were torturees, simply condemned. And the innards were frequently burnt.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 01 2005

       //The torturees innards were drawn out of their stomach while they watched//

Quicker and cheaper than liposuction then?
DrBob, Apr 01 2005

       what's that you are knitting there, Mme. pofarge? Oh wait I can see a name, DesertF....   

       edit: that should be spelled e.t.h.e.r...
dentworth, Apr 01 2005

       a wet suit for me hamster.
po, Apr 01 2005

       You knit wetsuits ? May I place a custom order ? I'll fly over for a fitting....and boy, will my arms be tired.
normzone, May 16 2005


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