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Exercise Conversion Kit

Exercise machine, space robot, and possibly even a rocket launcher all in one
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Thanks to a blissmiss idea, I remembered an old Transformers toy I had that turned from a rock into a robot. Why not put this to use on exercise machinery, which takes up too much space (and the ones that don't serve no other purpose)?

The 8,039,984,194-in-one exercise machine converts into 8,039,984,194 different things--okay, I lied, maybe three or four-- but each one can be used for something separate, like a chair for sitting, a table for, uhh, eating, or maybe a small bomb shelter complete with anti-aircraft weaponry. That last part was a bad idea, but I'm sure you get the picture.

This is possibly baked already, but I couldn't find anything exactly like it on several searches.
Oh, and [PeterSealy], before you say "this is baked because you can sit on most exercise machines like a chair" or quite possibly "the ancient Egyptians lifted rocks then sat on them," that isn't the same.
AfroAssault, Dec 19 2001

oh shit, Afro http://www.extrudez.com/models/catapult/
Afro's guessed his christmas prezzie from po [po, Dec 19 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       ................and you guessed your new toy (see link)
po, Dec 19 2001

       So the Soloflex as the centerpiece of my S&M dungeon doesn't count as baking this idea, huh?
quarterbaker, Dec 19 2001

po, Dec 19 2001

       OK, I admit, I was too vague. I was referring to AA's last paragraph, and sorta pulling a PS. "It's BAKED! My soloflex machine works as a bondage apparatus! I like to spank my partner with the rubber resistance bands!" That sort of thing. I guess it was kind of lame.
quarterbaker, Dec 19 2001

po, Dec 19 2001

       You're just trying to find a sneaky way to slip exercise machinery into my house without me noticing, aren't you, and one day I'll be playing with the sofa, and it'll turn itself into a weightlifting bench, and I won't be able to get it back. (Sorry, slightly paranoid there, I blame all the blank-eyed Santa Clauses watching me.)
pottedstu, Dec 19 2001

       what games do you play with your sofa - can we play too?
po, Dec 19 2001


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